Admission: 1 Day Pass: $15 or 2 Day Pass: $25
Tickets available at the door! Bring an instrument to donate and get in free!!!

All proceeds benefit children in the Polk County school system who can not afford to buy instruments. PIFP is a 501C3 organization


May 29th
5-5:45 Harrison Jazz Orchestra
6-6:45 The John Rhey Band
7-7:45 Free Time Jazz feat. Kenan Ellison
8-8:45 Glass House Point
9-9:45 On The Avenue
10-11:00 Brian Sutherland Band

May 30th
4-4:45 Brian’s Band
5-5:45 Wonderland
6-6:45 Kat & The Dawgs
7-7:45 Soul2Earth
8-8:45 Dan Signor Project
9-9:45 Sofa Kings
10-11:00 Band Haven